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Welcome to A. HILIOS, Ltd.

HILIOS ANASTASIOS LTD was found to provide cleaning, hydroblasting, snadblasting, sponge jet and painting services to floating vehicles and overland facilities.

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A. Hilios Ship Protection Structure provides
• Cleaning in shipping and industrial sectors.
• Surface preparation for any application of coat.
• Sand blasting according to the international standard 515 055900-1967
  (external hull/tank coating e.t.c).
• Hydro blasting according the international standard
  (stg guide Norma 2222).
• Specialized application equipment.
• Sponge jet services.
• Painting in shipping and industrial structures.
• Pipelines cleaning and coating.
• Specialized painting scheme.
• Cleaning with sponge jet method.
• Rent mechanical equipment.
• Corrosion protection

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